Hartman Search Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can Hartman Search Services actually do for me? Can't I save money by just searching Google myself?

As the saying goes, time is money. I would encourage anyone reading this to spend 15 minutes searching Google (or any other information source you have access to) first. Then, if you can't find the information for yourself, let us help you. We have years of education, training, and experience which allow us to search various information sources quickly and efficiently, allowing us to pull out just that nugget of information that you need for your project, and to present the information clearly and precisely. Our goal is to save you the time, energy, and frustration of having to find this information yourself.

2) What are your qualifications?

I earned a Master's degree from Rutgers University in Library Science. I also worked for Johnson & Johnson for seven years as an information analyst, and as a content information specialist for Dow Jones. For further information, please see my resume.

3) How much will my search cost?

All searches are $60 per hour, plus database expenses, billed in 15 minute increments. If you would like a professionally-written report, Rick Molinar can write it for you, for an additional fee.

Example: You hire me to conduct a Google search for a particular information set. If the information takes me 10 minutes to retrieve, I would bill you $15.00. If, on the other hand, the information necessary to fulfill the request is on Dialog, I would bill you $60 per hour, plus the cost of the access to the database (which varies from database to database). If you require a report (e.g., an analysis of the results to answer a question), Rick Molinar would then write one for you, at an extra fee.

4) What happens if you can't find the information I'm looking for?

You pay only for what I actually deliver. If I can't find the information, you don't pay.

5) What information do you need from me to conduct your search?

Generally, I will need to know what information you're looking for, and where you've already searched. I will also ask for a list of terms associated or synonymous with the subject you're searching for.

6) What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept checks, credit cards, and PayPal.